Monday, 16 December 2013

Back in business (don't all cheer at once)

Well it's been knocking on for two years so I thought I'd better have another crack at this whole blogging thing. Who knows maybe I'll even stick with it this time. Third time lucky etc etc.

A few things have changed in the 20 months plus since I last posted. Here's some headlines...

Vital issues of the day first, Dominic West has been supplanted at the top of my man-obsession tree (best tree ever) by Paul Hollywood. Never let it be said that I have a type.

What else? Oh yeah, I got made redundant, was unemployed for six months, got a new job and moved 250 miles down the country. A genuinely horrible experience, unemployment, that changes your perspective on life and the people around you a fair bit. The feeling of uselessness is something I won't forgot in a hurry. It's something that really shows you who you can rely on too. I have an amazing family and some awesome friends, and the ones who turned out to be less awesome aren't a loss. But that experience is thankfully in the past and I'm fantastically happy in my new job (doing campaigns for an animal welfare charity) and new adopted home in Horsham, West Sussex. It's small, it's leafy and it's fabulously middle class. My kind of town.

I'm mad into baking now. Possibly this is related to point one above. More than that though it was a bit of a lifesaver when I was unemployed. It started out as something to do, y'know, a way to fill the day. I quickly realised how much it was making me feel better - there's something about the sense of accomplishment you get from baking that's instantly therapeutic. Plus you get cake/bread/biscuits and cake/bread/biscuits is always good. Expect to see a fair few 'look I baked a thing!' posts from now on.

My newfound proximity to London means I'm doing a lot more cultural stuff now, especially theatre trips, and seeing a lot more of a wider group of friends. Expect lots more theatre reviews and general London shenanigan posts now too.

There's a whole lot of other fun stuff I've done, seen and eaten this year, but I'll save all of that for later. Don't want to use up all my A material in one go after all. There's really not that much of it to begin with.

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