Friday, 18 February 2011

Let's face the music with Lance

First off, apologies to Reg for stealing (borrowing?) your line for the title. It's my favourite pun ever though. And I will get that t-shirt.

Anyway. So I mentioned yesterday that one of the best things about this year's Anton and Erin tour is the inclusion of Lance Ellington on vocals as the man is just brilliant. Today I wanted to emphasise that point. Seriously people: Lance Ellington is amazing.

If you've ever watched Strictly (and if you haven't then what are you doing with your life?!) you'll have heard Lance, although you may not be aware of it, as he's one of the fabulous singers on the show. The fabulosity is increased a billion-fold when Lance is on his own in front of a band though.

As I said in yesterday's post, I'm very picky when it comes to my singers. And were I writing about almost anyone else this would be the point where all the caveats were introduced. I'm trying to think of something - anything - to criticise here. Erm... When I met Lance after the Dublin show he couldn't find his Sharpie so had to sign my programme in regular biro? Seriously. That's all I've got.

His voice is just stunning. Genuinely, completely and utter gorgeous. At the risk of wandering into pretentious bollocks territory, if molten gold could sing it would sound like Lance Ellington. Which, bollocksy as it may sound, actually makes sense if you listen to him. Listening to him sing Blue Moon gave me goosebumps both times I saw POTR. The second time it made me cry.

He is also devastatingly cool. The boy can swing, and rocks a midnight blue tux and suede shoes in the most effortlessly cool way I've ever seen. (Yes I know I said cool twice.) He can dance a bit too. Oh, and you certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed on a cold night either. Or a hot one come to that.

He is the complete package, and your life will be greatly enhanced by getting to know his music. So you can consider the following a public service announcement. You can buy Lance's brilliant album, Aspects of Ellington, from Amazon and iTunes or check it out on Spotify. And you really should. Go, do it now.

You can thank me later. Preferably by buying me tickets to one of his solo gigs. Deal?

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