Monday, 20 February 2012

Awesome thing of the day: Bill Nighy hits London Fashion Week

I love Bill Nighy. He's just such a dude.

I also love Mulberry. Their status bags make me weep with desire in a way only a certain strata of men can otherwise do.

So this is like awesome squared: Bill Nighy frow (front row) at the Mulberry show at London Fashion Week. Check him out in all his dapper glory, sitting front and centre next to US Vogue's Anna 'Certified Fashion LEGEND' Wintour:

All photos courtesy of Mulberry's blog

Look at him!

Look at his geek chic glasses, classic tailoring and slightly mad hair.

Just look!

Love. That. Man.

Also at Mulberry, the gorgeous Tom Hiddleston with (amongst others) achingly cool, achingly talented actresses du jour Michelle Williams and Elizabeth Olson:

And at the other end of the frow Tinie Tempah and super cool up-and-comer Azealia Banks holding court with Lana Del Rey (clutching her eponymous Del Rey Mulberry bag; well jel of that), Pixie Geldof and Leigh Lezark:

Can we take a moment to appreciate Tinie Tempah's shoes? ... Thank you.

Serious frow love, Mulberry. Anyone that can mix Bill Nighy and Tinie Tempah is all good with me. Imagine if they did a song together...

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