Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Awesome thing of the day: Jean Dujardin & George Clooney bromance (AKA the Oscar nominees luncheon)

I love Jean Dujardin.

Like, obsessively.

Since seeing The Artist (genuinely the best film I've ever seen) he's joined the elite list of men over whom I obsess like a fifteen year older. George Clooney is also pretty easy on the eye. Or smoking hot, to be accurate. So the awesomeness of them getting all bromance-y at the Oscar nominees luncheon is colossal.

Bonus Brad Pitt FTW
And, from the same event, some added awesomeness: Kenneth Branagh meets Brad Pitt:

That's a whole lot of hotness, or at least a whole lot of men I fancy, in one place. I'm off for a cold shower.

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