Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekend Wishlist

I've been trying to think of a regular weekly post to keep this blog ticking over. Something that's a bit different from my usual selection of reviews and requires minimal effort, since I'm very lazy.

This is the thinking behind Weekend Wishlist. Essentially, these posts will be about the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that I would buy if I was rich, thin and could change my shape and colouring at will. Oh, and could walk in heels.

I'm going to try and limit myself to three pieces each week, for my benefit and yours, and they will all be designer. I mean it's a Wishlist. What's the point in having things I could actually buy in real life on it?!

So here we go...

Lanvin Trilogy leather shopper

I'm having a real moment with grey bags at the moment and this one's stunning. Nice and big too, certainly room for all my essentials. I love the clean lines and simple detailing.


Giuseppe Zanotti Coline cutout suede sandals

I'm so obsessed with the colour of these. So obsessed. Thoroughly impractical, ankle breakingly high and utterly gorgeous. Love them.
As into them as me? They're Net-a-Porter again, £895.


Piers Atkinson Scrummy!! cupcake and veil headband

How cute is this?! I'm not sure exactly what occasion calls for such excellent headwear but I am sure that I could find one. Auditioning for The Great British Bake Off maybe? I just love it.

Another Net-a-Porter find, it's yours for £380


That's it for this week. If you want more of my fashion ramblings, then check out my Fashion Wishlist board on Pinterest.



  1. If that headband wasn't £360 and probably going to cost more than the entire rest of the outfit, I would so buy it for my wedding. The bag is ridiculously gorgeous as well.

    1. He does a whole range of excellent novelty headgear. As you say, if it were £300...