Monday, 13 February 2012

"Love hurts": Anton and Erin on tour

So I went to see Anton and Erin's latest tour, Let's Do It, this weekend.

Here's a potted review:

  • It was fabulous
  • Lance Ellington is still The Man (especially when clad in a purple tuxedo)
  • Anton's Rear of the Year win was very much deserved
  • If you've seen all the other tours, there wasn't a whole lot of new stuff here. Not necessarily a criticism by the way, just an observation
  • I do have one criticism: the inclusion of Paolo Nutini's Pencil Full of Lead. Regardless of the fact I think it's a terrible song, the main problem was it didn't fit with the rest of the show and therefore felt like filler. Which is unfortunate given it was Erin's solo spot
  • The return of the O Fortuna tango from Cheek to Cheek was very much welcome. Hot stuff.
  • You should go and see it
  • You should go and see it now.
In conclusion, I enjoyed an Anton and Erin tour show. Nothing new or eventful here. Why bother blogging it at all?

Well before and after the show were somewhat eventful. On the way, I got the heel of my (gorgeous, bright red and now slightly scuffed up) shoe stuck in a hole in the pavement. This resulted in quite a heroic incidence of falling over. Both knees were cut open in two places and really sore - the bruises are impressive - and I obviously went heavily onto my right hand as I still can't move or put pressure on my thumb properly. (Mum, if you're reading this I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow, promise). We were also running a bit late so I didn't have chance to clean my knees up before sitting down for the show. I don't know if you've ever felt had to extract bits of your tights from a congealing scab? Yeah, I did that in the interval and it's NOT pleasant.

Anyway, after the show we headed backstage as is the tradition. I should at this stage explain that the other half of 'we' was my male friend Chris, who is like 6'2" and very clearly not a woman. 

This detail apparently escaped the notice of the lovely Erin who met us at the stage door with an enthusiastic 'Hello ladies!' followed by a hasty '...and gentleman'. We laughed at that. Well, I laughed at that.

I decided, after some egging on from Chris (and necking half a bottle of wine at the interval), to tell Anton about my various wounds as a way of proving my status as Dedicated Fan. His response was priceless, and the real point of this post. After some quality hugging time he turned to me and said:
Well, they do say love hurts
And I have the bruises to prove it.

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  1. "Well, they do say love hurts" ... *Speechless* ... WHAT A MAN!!!! Great blog, very much agree about the brilliance that is Lance! I hope your knee is recovering X