Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Best Dressed at the Met Gala

As far as I can see, there is a very specific formula that needs to be followed if you want to dress successfully for the Met Gala - New York's Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute's yearly fashion shindig and it's this:
  1. Don't be boring 
  2. Stick to the theme (in this case China: Through the Looking Glass) 
  3. Don't go nuts (or in this case go stereotyped and/or offensive)
I'm sort of disappointed at how few people stuck to those rules tbh. 1. and 2. were the most oft broken, with loads of gorgeous-but-how-is-this-relevant? gowns gliding up the famous stairs (Claire Danes, Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Chastain, Rosie HW, the list goes on) and a predictable trinity of ohmigodisthisstillathing all over sheer 'gowns' following them on Kim K, Beyonce and J Lo (who at least had a crack at the theme, to be fair).  Lade Gaga and Rihanna were the only ones who came close to breaking rule 3. but made their fantastical looks work through sheer force of personality if nothing else. At least their looks are memorable though.

So who did nail it? For my money, here's the top five:

Emily Blunt in Prada

Image source.
Chapter 90005 in my book of red carpet capes that I love. The theme is subtly nailed through the choice of fabric, the beautiful embroidery and the cut of this stunner. I love the contrast between the different shades of blue and silver used throughout. I love her styling - those earrings omg - and her hair and makeup even more.

Rita Ora in Tom Ford

Image source.
Going much more literal with the theme but equally stunning is this bad boy. Red is Rita's colour and the combo of this fierce gown with her fierce red pout/platinum crop combo is a perfect illustration of that. The construction of the dress is perfect too.

Emma Roberts in Ralph Lauren

Image source.
My favourite of the night. Very subtle nods to the theme (the belt, the colour, the jade accessories) combine to make this perfect. I am 100% obsessed with that green.

Anne Hathaway in Ralph Lauren

Image source.
Ralph Lauren got the memo on theme clearly. I adore this eastern inspired look, mostly because it's so sleek and cool but also because it makes a huge statement without really trying. I love the ear cuff too, a great fashion forward accessory for an otherwise minimalist look.

Olivia Munn in J Mendel

Image source. 
There's so much going on here and it's all amazing. I love the colours, I love the cut out sleeves, I love the more is more jewellery and I love that it's on theme without being on the nose. Perfect paired down makeup too.

SJP Special Bonus Round
Because you can't have a Met Gala round up without bowing down at the alter of SJP. Here she is owning the theme, as she does every year without fail.

Sarah Jessica Parker in H&M

Image source.
First of all, OMG SJP doing the Met Gala in high street?! But let's be honest that's not the thing that makes this outfit a classic from her play book, the credit for that belongs firmly to her amazing Philip Treacy headpiece. Love it or hate it, you can't deny that it's 100% Met Gala. Long live the undisputed Queen of this event!

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