Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Today's BIG news: Anton is on Twitter! Yes, really.

When I logged into my Gmail this morning, I had an email from Twitter informing me that Anton Du Beke was now following me. I sighed. I'd been here before, got all excited, and then felt like a bit of a muppet when the account turned out to be a fake. Not thinking anything further of it, I took a call from my boss and got on with my day.

10:30 and time for my first cup of peach tea of the day. Peach tea is another of my addictions. I love it. Mug in hand, I returned to my desk (well, sofa... working from home is odd) and logged into Tweetdeck. There was that annoying fake Anton account in my new followers list. I decided to check it out a bit before I blocked it. 

SO glad I did! As it turns out this account is real. It's linked from the front page of his official website - as is his new Facebook  page. Anton is really on Twitter!! And he's following me?! Cool! I cannot tell you how much better this made my day. I am unapologetically completely made up! Clearly this is a man who recognises a superfan when he reads their tweets!

As yet, I'm not sure whether it is indeed Anton updating the account or whether it's managed by whoever runs his website - if it is the latter it's done very well. I'm not sure I want to know either. I'm much happier in the belief that it is him.

After being reminded - as if that was necessary - by the man's fabulous turn on It Takes Two last night quite how charming, articulate and funny he is, I can't wait to see what Twitter will make of Anton and vice versa. 

Will he be able to condense his trademark banter - "The salsa's easy. It's just nonsense. Nonsense in a short frock." - into 140 characters? I do hope so. 

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