Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Places to go, people to see: York

Ok, so I live in York so I didn't technically go anywhere to 'research' this post. But stick with me here.

It's one of those annoyingly true clich├ęs to say that when you live in a very beautiful, touristy place you stop appreciating it. You get desensitized to the fact it's utterly gorgeous by the fact that you just see it every day, often through a throng of tourists getting in your way when you're trying to go about your lunchtime errands. This is certainly what's happened in my relationship with York.

But I had a new camera for Christmas (Panasonic Lumix TZ20) and on Monday lunchtime, having had a very lazy weekend during which I'd not left the house at all, I decided to take it for a walk. The following photos are the result. The first group, for those that know York/have an urge to know such things, are taken around the City Walls between Layerthorpe and Bootham. The second group are of York Minster. Obviously.

Figures on the top of Bootham Bar

Photo crashing pigeons

One of York's lesser known landmarks, but one of my favourites 

I love the light in this shot. All arty and stuff.

Some detail of the West Front

Detail around the door frame. I love this.

The Rose Window

Conclusions: a) York is just stunning and it's nice to be forced to remember that once in a while; b) the Lumix TZ20 is my new BFF. 

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  1. Lovely photos reminding me that I really do need to go back there sometime. Thank you.
    J x