Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012: I'm back baby

Well it's January and you know what that means: new year's resolutions. Huzzah and hurrah. Maybe. 

Oddly for me, I've made a few this year:
  • Watch as many of my ridiculously large collection of currently unwatched DVDs as I can 
  • Read more, starting with my ridiculously large collection of currently unread books (spot a theme?) 
  • Take more photos
  • Be more adventurous in the kitchen. I mean with cooking and recipes and stuff, not the thing you were thinking. 
  • Catch up on some of the TV series I've been meaning to watch (Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Human Remains et al) even if this means adding to that DVD collection
  • The usual exercise, healthy eating one
  • And, last but most relevant, try and finally keep a regular blog
So, whether you like it or not, I've returned to the blogosphere. Whether this or my diet last longer remains to be seen... 

1 comment:

  1. These could be my resolutions too. Especially the first two. Good luck and happy new year:-)