Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Team Cherico make their Dancing With The Stars debut!

So this week we got to find out the answer to the question 'what happens when WWE and dancing collide on national television?'

Well, the answer seems to be 'good things' if Chris Jericho's first dance on Dancing With The Stars is anything to go by:

Ok so it's a cha cha cha and thus not a proper dance, but I still think this is pretty good, especially for a first dance. I kind of agree with the judges that it was a bit light on content but what there was is done perfectly competently and with the kind of personality most celebs that do these types of shows could only dream of *cough* Gavin Henson *cough*

I stand by my earlier assertion that Team Cherico are one of the couples to watch in this season and can't wait to see more. Jericho doing ballroom in particular intrigues me..!

Also, those muscular arms = hot. Trufax.


  1. Ah feck off Len. You know nothing about hips. That was good! And he's hawt.

    Although I'm slightly concerned 'Chrrrrisss' is going to be the new 'Ssssscccotttt' and I will want to throttle Bruno after hearing it on a regular basis...

  2. Re the Chrrissss thing: I agree entirely.