Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Thank You Edge

So I woke up this morning to the news that one of my absolute favourite WWE Superstars, Edge, has been forced to retire from in ring action. Not kayfabe, not an angle, he's actually gone.

This has put something of a massive downer on my day. I know relative to a lot of other people who'll be writing these sort of posts I've not been a WWE fan for that long. But for the 18 months or so I have been a fan Edge has always been one of the main reasons why. You always knew that a match that Edge was involved in was going to be entertaining, regardless of his opponent. He was naturally charismatic and genuinely entertaining - and my god the WWE needs more people of whom you can say that. His finishing move - the spear - wasn't complicated or flashy but it was effective and the build up to it, in all its crazy eyed, hair scraping glory, was just brilliant. I can't really believe we're never going to see him deliver it again.

My favourite match (the Smackdown Elimination Chamber this year) and favourite feud (with Chris Jericho) have both been Edge related. I hate the thought of the WWE without him, but I hate the thought of him being forced out in a wheelchair even more.

This post could go on and on if I sat and spent my entire lunch break writing about all the matches and all the feuds that Edge has featured in that have made me an out and proud WWE fan. But, sadly, the real world beckons. The WWE website has all the details on why he's forced to retire (you don't mess around with a spinal injury) and all the coverage from last night's announcement on Raw. Beware the video of his speech if you're a big softy like me, I ended up sobbing my heart out into my mid-morning tea.

Thank you Edge. The WWE is so much poorer without you.

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