Thursday, 7 April 2011

Things I'm loving this week: week 7, the birthday edit

So I'm another year older. Again. Ain't the passage of time a bitch? Still, thanks to everyone who sent cards, presents, texts, tweets and Facebook messages. Your thoughts are very sincerely appreciated. And it's scientific fact that my friends and family are the best in the world. Scientific fact.

This week I'm mostly insanely excited about: having a social life this weekend. I know, shocking, right?! But I'm so so so looking forward to helping my amigo Matty celebrate joining me in the 25 Club with a night out here in York. York may not have the best night life in the world, but it does have some lovely restaurants (we're going to Oscars) and bars (we're going to many, I imagine) and some so-shit-they're-good clubs. All in all it should be a classic night out. They usually are.

This week I'm mostly drinking from: novelty mugs that I got for my birthday. I have an official new favourite hangover tea mug in the shape of the gigantic Tigger mug I got from Lee. And the Kate Middleton and Prince William commemorative beauty I got from Matty is just too kitsch and fabulous for words. I think both are an excuse to go and buy some ridiculously expensive loose leaf tea from Betty's Tea Room too. Winning on many levels.

This week I'm mostly wearing: new socks. I have a bit of an obsession with socks. Anything that's patterned, loud or bearing an amusing cartoon of some kind will almost certainly find its way on to my feet. I own perhaps two sensibly coloured pairs. Life is too short for boring socks. I am, therefore, one of the few people in the world who is excited by receiving socks as presents. This birthday I got pink leopard print with bows, black with glittery cupcakes and cream with cats. My favourite comic book lettering and penguin print have yet to be topped in terms of awesomeness, but new additions to my collection are always welcome!

This week I'm mostly shopping: for stuff that's not out yet. Pre ordering is one of my favourite things about shopping online and, birthday money in hand, I've been doing a fair bit of it this week. First up are two new WWE t shirts John Cena's latest bright red (favourite colour alert) number and The Miz's new 'I'm Awesome' slogan baseball T. (And, yes, fellow WWE fans, I'm aware of the inconsistency of buying both!) I do love my WWE merchandise. Maybe it's because you can wear it over here and only a very select group of people get the references which is a nice change given the general ubiquitousness of slogan Ts. Consider me a geek if you must. I'm not saying you're wrong, I just don't care. I've also got a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 on its way, pre ordered from Amazon and scheduled to arrive two days before its official release. Amazon pre order is amazing for doing this - I heartily recommend it if you've not used it before.

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